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At Blue Flame, our expert team are fully trained air source heat pump installers, offering domestic and commercial solutions across Maryport, Keswick, Whitehaven,  Carlisle and further afield. 
There is only 5% Vat on domestic heat pump installations. Heat pumps have been available in homes since the 1970s,  providing heating and hot water. The recent rises in fuel costs have expanded the market, improved the technology and reduced the price.
Who benefits most from an air source or ground source heat pump installation?
  • New build properties – better insulation
  • Buildings heated by oil or LPG boilers
  • Buildings using a lot of hot water
  • Swimming pools – all year round economical heat without a boiler
  • Under-floor heating systems - perfect for heat pumps

Air source heat pump systems

An air source heat pump is a standalone unit which can combine with a boiler or other heat source. It extracts heat from the air and pipes hot water into your heating system or hot water cylinder, just like a boiler. A simple, high performance installation within a sensible budget. They can provide hot water and heating up to 65°c.
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Ground source heat pump systems

The ground source heat pump is slightly more efficient than the air source heat pump, but a more demanding installation. A network of pipes are buried approximately 1.2 metres deep to extract gentle heat from the ground. Ground source heat pumps can provide up to 55°c temperatures. As with all heat pumps, they are more economical when running at lower temperatures. If you have the space and you don’t mind if we dig some trenches, then ground source heat pumps can offer significant savings on running costs compared to a boiler and a benefit over air source heating.
The cost of installation is about double that of an air source heat pump installation, with about a 10% efficiency gain.

What to expect from the heat pump installers at Blue Flame:

  1. We will prepare a solid base for the air source heat pump outside
  2. The heat pump will be mounted, and connected to the 2 pipes and wires into the heating in the building
  3. The boiler can be wired in so that the heat pump controls it
  4. The system will be flushed, filled and tested, including setting up the heating controls in the building
  5. Temperatures will be set for maximum efficiency for the system and plenty of hot water
  6. Receive a demonstration of how to use your new heat pump system
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